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Related article: Date : Fri, December 29, 2006 April 40th 32 EST From: aol Wyzman34. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 22 Brother 2 Brother Michael Martell CHAPTER 22 - Shane u0026 Sean - plane Vincent landed 20 minutes late and 20 minutes saying me what I was doing the right thing to do. that was not like I was attracted to Vincent, and we have sex, and said he was interested in me. What I did was the best way to with the situation. After Matt realized that nothing could, and that passed between us, then everything would work out. He had done in the last days since I called and asked Vincent to fly from New Orleans things between Matt and I felt more and more sexual tension. I killed my best n to stay away from him that would later work in the gym or go in a very early. A couple of times when I knew that Matt is that I was in a hotel s room and tells Sean that proximit n with friends, something that Matt and I think that of the samey. I could not do that to Sean. He earned his happy, and I would do anything to be happy. I heard someone calling me and when I turned, I saw Vincent up to me. I could not stop looking. My God, I good. He had escaped what appeared braids twists n wore a goatee well. Seemed to lose some weight and have had put some good in some places. I approached him and hugged. I felt good in his arms and strong and reassuring hug signature. When the embrace ended, he smiled. "What? " I asked, smiling back. " I'm glad you called and wanted me to come. " Said Vincent. " Well... I only had a few ideas... and saw Vincent, n something. " I saw in his eyes and breathed deeply, " I realized that s I I want you to be together and I hope you will want to be me... that maybe we could have their heads on straight y... "Vincent was suddenly kIssing me. I did not expect, much less in the public everyone can see. When the kiss ended I was stunned and breathless. ". I just wanted to get to the form" " Wow", exclaimed that. " I did not expect " Vincent said, "Mom says hello and asks if once again comes to visit. " I smiled when I look in the Momma V. She thought I would see that was thought that if everything works as planned. On the way home I said, Vincent on what was in my head. I thought about what him since he left New Orleans. He kept smiling and holding my hand. This n would be fine. That this would work perfectly. When I came home from work I was dog tired. It was a long day and hard I just wanted to rest only. When setting from the room, If my shoes, Shane went into the back of the house and said, Vicente me that wanted to collect from the airport. I was surprised, I Shane knew it wasin contact with the family of Victor, but I had no idea that Vicente things had reached a point of it to progress visit. When he returned from New Orleans that he had discussed his trip and of how things went and what happened between them. I had thought that an n done deal between them. Then I thought someone had told me he was going to in love with the man who helped me fall n and even help me through rape, I've been called crazy. So maybe the unexpected n e amazing what happened and is happening for a reason. I lay on the sofa n when the doorbell rang. I did not get up, but he went to the door s not gone. So I went and opened the door to find Matthew stayed there with a smile on his face. "What is good looking kitchen," said Matthew, his usual greeting to me. He gave me a kiss. Matthew knew how to turn me on with just a kiss, a look or a touch. I was crazy about this man. Absolutely crazy. I I do not know what I deserve to thThe man is, but I 'm glad Underage Preteen I did. I could not imagine my life without him I could not imagine what is not the year. Even before the rape, I feel like I could trust someone over again with my heart. " Hey baby" I said, kissing him again. Matthew had some juicy, sweet lips. Matthew, who entered the house closing the door behind us, so that residents not have a full screen. I saw him in the hall foot space. Does this have an ass Brotha good or what? I suddenly felt incredibly hot, always happens when about Matthew. He sat in the sofa and I followed him. It was not long before we kissed again. " Damn baby," said Matthew, "what's going on? " " Are you. You make me crazy hot," he said as he pulled me T - shirt. It was time to do these clothes and what we like do. Making love until it could not move. " Lift baby," said Matthew took my hand, stopped me long shirt. "what is your brother? " N " Shane? " I asked, supported and kissed him, "Shane is not here. The house belongs to us and it's time to do the damn thing. " I hands free and shirt. His body was warm and felt good. I tremor felt my touch. God, I was hot. Matthew wanted to more than any other. We started kissing and removing clothing. We were trapped at the moment and the rush. I could not wait to undress and get to work. I was sucking her nipples while my fingers along her unbutton and unzip pants. " Oh, damn baby... shit... you fucking me" to " Matthew sighed, 've wanted to lick her nipples and touch. Soon I was helping to liberate n him of his pants. I gasped surprised when I realized that no use any underwear. "command, you are going these days? " I asked, since it took over his thick throbbing cock. He smiled at me. " I knew I came to see my baby, "she answered and then I threw in a deep kiss. Soon we kiss and cuddle on the couch. I was not thinking of aFight against anything, except that he and Matthew. Matthew puts in over me and kissed a path through my body. I rubbed his hard cock on the right foot, which made him mad. Then he grabbed my cock and began licking and kissing before they opened up and swallowed. " Ooooooh... AHHHHHH !" I groaned when he went to work slowly in n first. I loved what she sucked my cock. I loved what he did everything possible to n me. My legs were shaking, moving toes. "Oh, shit... that feels good. " He moved to my balls and licked them while he takes my cock. I losing my mind. I spread my legs and in the air, complete access to what he wanted. I closed my eyes as I felt with the fingers tickle my ass with his tongue followed. I covered my face with my hands. I want to see the tears in my eyes and think I was angry. I was not tears of anger in the eyes of joy, pleasure, ecstasy and love. After searching for the perfect man in the wrong places. the heartbreak the sadness and rape what I search for love. What is ironic, , is that I had not been raped, I would never have known this man, Underage Preteen at least I do not think I have met him. Matthew had entered my life easier and the pain, silk Mitchell had done to my soul. I would never be free of n him, but Matthew did less of a focus in my life. He has loved me. I knew I was doing. I remembered the day he thought the chip, my boss was an attacker n and he came here ready to fight. He has been there for me like no one , except my brother. Shane and Matthew were the two men in my life that I could trust , without the shadow of a doubt. Matthew had to lick and eat my ass s like a champ. I stroked his cock so hard that I was ready Nutt n but I did not. I wanted it to last and never end. He turned to belly and went out of my ass. I was hitting the couch and moan in the sofa cushion. " Make love to me. Fuck me. " I wailed. I felt that I spread my ass in a patient 's cheekRT and his tongue went deeper. I was so happy that he becomes large hygiene. Then I felt his cock hit my ass and I know that it is ready. I did, I tried to give and I could not wait to. That was it. Yes, yes, yes! When I stopped to get the house I noticed Matthew car in the drive. This s was perfect. The whole trip from the airport I always thought that n Sean reaction would be if I said I was interested in Vincent that I go to New Orleans with him when he left. It was do right. I could pull off the road, and Matthew and Sean n happy together. And it was not as bad Vicente was not in sight. It was sexy in the rough and rugged road. And I loved Momma V, and the family. Victor and I never had the chance, such a family. I 've always wanted, and now it seemed that I did with his brother, , and in the process, then my brother would finally be happy. " This is a nice house. It's just you and your brothwhat? "Vicente request. " Yes, was that we left our aunt. "I said. I realized that Vincent knew very little about me, while I knew some things, but not too about him. I was surprised by this and then remembered that Victor knew all on the house and the story behind how Shane and I got it. I Vicente, fill in all this. "What is happening? " Vicente said. " Huh ? "I went to La La Land " is not right that was thinking. " " About what? " looked at me and smiled: " How is the life of things. If someone has been told that I am here with my brother... "What was Victor ? He is my ex was, but then it was not. They were not married, so that s not my husband. Friend and lover does not sound good, if you have talk someone who was dead. I had to " Victor and talk about it s always a few have called me mad. " " I, "said Vincent with a sad smile. I stroked her cheek. " I have no regrets Vincent. When I was in New Orleans, which is fear. Victor was thinking and thinking what to do. I worried about Sean and how he was. But when I got here I realized that Victor wanted me to be happy and Sean was good. I noticed that was time to do it myself. " Vincent took my hand and smiled. S gave me a kiss on the cheek. A public exposure of San Vicente. " Are you sure you want to do in demand? "Vincent. " What? Be with you? Yes "I replied. " I know not only me, who is in New Orleans. Let your friends and his brother behind. " " Vincent is the time for me. Sean and I have lived movement to each other in orbit, since we were children. We have never been separated until I went to New Orleans. It's time for me... for us to move forward in our lives. "I 'll take care of Matthew," Matthew is the reason for which I am able to. "The Look Vicente gave me, was one of the surprise I was afraid I had said too much. " Matthew has entered the life of Seanand he has done wonders. If it is someone I would not that, but Sean Matthew makes you happy and know that he has never hurt. has n I have shown, it's my time to be happy. " " Well, whatever, come and meet the man who made ​​everyone n happy, "said Vincent. I put the key in the door when I realized that n was unlocked. I do not think much of it, and when the door opened and I Vicente n in the first place with pockets did not think he can see more of my Matthew n brother and the doctor had. "What the fuck! ? "I heard Matthew says, pulling out the scrambled eggs bed, his clothes and runs to the rear of the house, where Sean was the bedroom. Sean wanted to pack her clothes, and at the same time Vincent 's mouth was wide open. Once again, Matthew and Sean Fucking in the living room. I could not believe my eyes. " Sean... " " does not begin Shane. Why do not you call and tell me they were back on the Underage Preteen path ? " Sean asked. " If I knew it would fuckfest in the living room, I has other plans. " Sean was in his pants and I decided that was no time like now to make presentations. I introduced him to Sean, ot better, re- introduced. When Matthew returned investigated embarrassing n and damn sexy me turned to him and introduced him to Vincent. " Nice to meet you all," said Vincent, as if no to see my brother Matthew and dragged her crazed sex like rabbits. \\ \\ n I've never been so embarrassed in my life. Matthew and I were it n, hard and fast. I loved every minute of it and had forgotten it was Shane on the way home Vincent. when I looked, the fraction of a second after Matthew gasped when he jumped on me, I was looking for Vincent, and the brother of my s. I could not believe what had happened. after of all was introduced or reintroduced, I excused myself to get presentable and Matthew came with me. We showered and changed clothes, had left Matthew some clothes in my house, and he slips in the. When we arrived at Vincent Shane and enjoyed a glass of wine while watching Sanford and ' s Son " on TV Land. It felt like the right time to talk to them and I plan action "Hey guys, I have to tell you something," he said, to aunt Esther " interrupted Fred G. bite back Sanford. Matthew and Sean looked at me. Vincent was at my side. It was time to do so. "What is happening here? " Said Sean. " Well, you remember, when I went to New Orleans for the funeral and I have said that Vincent and I had begun to talk and discuss stuff. Now I'm back I've been thinking much about it, " I turned to him and took his hand. "And I realized I was lying in love with him. I was scared Underage Preteen at first because Victor brother and I felt like a betrayal, Victor. " " They were not alone "said Vincent. I smiled and moved on. "That's when I said that Victor wants me to be happy n and when his brothern was with his brother. " Sean I stopped. ", who is about to tell us that you escape to get two married? " Sean was a joke, sort of. Matt expression is unreadable, n was fine, I would like to continue. " We're not married, however, it is. But soon he Vincent. "I said. Sean was surprised and stunned. Matt saw surprised. I was surprised and stunned. Shane had said back Vincent. " to New Orleans ? "I asked. " Yes, "said Shane. N " But why? I mean, I do not understand. You have your work here. " " And I can be one of the gyms that are in the transfer of New n Orleans. "Shane said. " Your friends are here, "he said. Eric, Mo -Mo, which is I miss him. I miss it. N " You can go New Orleans and I will. return " " And I, "I almost shouted," What am I supposed to do " smiled n Shane and Matthew nodded :" You are not alone. Matt is here with. Both are happy and I want the sa-something to me. " I do not know what to say. Shane was involved with anyone Since the death of Victor. Hell, I do not think he even has sex with someone n except Vincent and Victor before. what was the du Bois on the boy? after I reached out and took the hand of Matthew. seemed surprised and surprised as me. n " Sean, I want to be happy and New Orleans with Vicente I'm happy I do. " I do not know what to say. The idea that you do not scared me, but also attracted me. 'd Miss my brother, but it also means that no longer the twins. I would love to be a person. is difficult to see a as an individual, if you have a double leg side. we had always together. So maybe it's time for us, people with a our own lives and loves, rather than an inseparable duo. I got up and di Shane a hug. I held him feel every inch. "I want to be happy. " I said, " I love you Shane. "N " I love you too, "said. I that then embraced Vicente. "You take care of my brother. " N " I," said Vincent. " I'd better, or get to New Orleans Underage Preteen as a hurricane and clean of you. " We all laugh. I suggested that for consumers. all n agreed. While we settled Shane Vincent and sat on the sofa in Matthew in his arms. I lost my brother, my soul, but at least I Matthew, my heart. - Mohammed - the stomach Dr. Jamal is pumped around the content. I a paramedics, the bottle, the pills she had taken were, and that was when cried pumping around your stomach. My son was still unconscious and n as he held his hand to his bed was, I wondered what I was wrong of God order to do this for me ? Was this my punishment for homosexuality? Was this my so much? All my relationships ended badly. First it was Tina, Jamal mother. Then it was Brett, his betrayal had nearly cost me my son and Kei now, Sonny 's son, my son had put here again. was mlife and as fighter, as a gay man brings this to my son ? I looked monitors connected to back words like Sonny with a bang. Jamal was gay? Y if this was the reason he took all these pills ? It was the reason I was hanging with Kei and organized wild parties ? Why not come to me? Surely, s not a question I did with my life. Once again I had to to be honest. The idea of ​​Jamal as a gay scared me. There are so many things that there are n out. Men who use it to play with their feelings. His break heart. Then there were those who follow him being gay. that would be ridiculed and denied basic human rights. They emotionally and n of assault and abuse it. Then were the diseases and HIV AIDS n. I do not want my son to live this life. In which he was struggling to n and fight. It was quite difficult for practicing Muslims. But it was African-American man enough in a country that is going to say something to say created equal, but denying tthat the equality they are entitled. is sufficiently strong to be all those things and add gays in the mixture, which was na lot. I had walked the walk so that my son would be. A doctor, a white woman came with a pretty face and a warm smile, your logo Steward announced. Checked vital signs monitors and Jamal. frown in the worried face. " What ? " I asked, worry in my voice. " I'll be honest with you, Mr. Moyenda. " He said. " I would be very better, if your child back to consciousness, which pumps the stomach and has n all we know about the purge pills out of his system. There is no reason no doctor why not wake up. "n I looked at Jamal, closed his eyes and look calm. Wherever I wanted to stay there. Underage Preteen " By the way, I spoke with her mother. " " Yes, when I put them in the ambulance. " I said. " Yes, she is worried. I wanted to come and be with him, but your doctor s the feeling that the best, it will not come until there is someThe report or something. " I nodded. Tina was hard, very hard. When I was admitted Jamal after the incident roofie Tina had a very hard time with it. I had been afraid to tell you about the overdose, but could not prevent is. When I said it appears the phone or something. the next thing I knew I was talking to one of the doctors at the rehabilitation center that was. I admired trying to get your life back on track. I like to do that. "Dr. Steward, which is something you can do a him about it ? "I asked. " Mr. Moyenda, must now be controlled in great pain complaints in the throat. All I can say is that he had been through a lot and maybe your mind is going to do with all that. Perhaps, if this is done, return to us. "left Dr. Steward and I thought Jamal 's hand, like tears in my face n. I fell to my knees and prayed for my son. I want my son return to me. If he was gay, would be the end. I went toStreet in front of him and I will go with him. My mouth - sore jaw, face and even in my fight with Sonny. I still could not believe what I told everyone, Sonny about Kei. I gave him the blame for this. I attacked and wounded his son my ​​lover. What had he done ? N "Mohammed ? " I heard the voice and was surprised because I heard someone walking in , and the fact that it was Sonny. I was about Det Linton and told him that had happened. Sonny I was not stopped, and asked, if you do something that could reach him. Apparently he did. I do not have a chance, get my knees when I was approached and knelt next to me. She hugged me and cried and cried and hugged each other Jamal and hand. ". Sorry," I said between sobs shelves: "I never... " " No, we both know you should not have Underage Preteen said, said, " Sonny, as he delete my ​​face. He looked at Jamal, and more tears fell from his eyes. " You know I love it like it is mine. " "I know Sonny. I know. Kei and I love mine. I... I... can not simply I have been beaten. It was... is inexcusable. "Sonny just hugged me. We the ground and looked at Jamal, our son. " Where is Kei? " I asked Sonny. " I called home. When no response I thought it was here or or sleep. "Sonny said. " She was here? " I asked, impressed by this. " Yes " " Sonny, go home. Check Kei, he is probably very worried about you. " " Are you okay? " Sonny said. " I'll be fine, " Sonny kissed me and then kissed her forehead and went to Jamal. I Jamal set addition hand still. the vibration of my cell phone surprised n me and that's when I realized that they had fallen asleep. vi in the caller ID. was the number Sonny. He says that we require \\ \\ n me that all was well at home. But as I said, that even the case. kei was gone. all his belongings were gone. kei and Sonny had left was n frantic concern. I I said, call the pOlic. He could do what I said, I was doing and she said she 's been missing for 48 hours before of all, I said to call Det. Linton and tell him he was and why he was calling and that is proposed. I told her n find Kei and our family back together. At that moment I felt Jamal shake my hand. I turned to see his eyes half open. " D... Dad," his voice croaked and he winced when he was in pain. " food?" I called the doctor and told Sonny that Jamal was awake. that s, said he had spent on the road. When Dr. Steward she was controlling over again. This time, she had a smile on his face. "Mr. Moyenda which is a good sign. I still want to run to keep him here observation and tests. " " Yes, doctor, nothing. " I agreed. "I would talk to him a consultant of rape," he said. " A rape counselor ? " " Yes Moyenda Mr. Her son was a very traumatic been situation. Rape is a horrendous crime of violence that is exercised in general inThe men, to have a very difficult. Can you imagine what a young man with? " " I tried to talk with counselors and hotlines rape, rape, and were not to help. " " Because you said the wrong. I The name and the number of directors of rape n that men have to do with male sexual assault and rape. I will call a happy in a reference to Jamal. " I nodded. I know how terrible it would be a violation. I remember what Shane and Sean went through rape after Sean was. She saw a counselor, and he better. Jamal I looked up and saw that his eyes were closed. vi in the doctor, who smiled. " Mr. Moyenda sleep. At this point, that's what you Underage Preteen need. There is no n a lot to do Underage Preteen for you. "N " I know. I just want to sit here, Sonny gets up here. "I said. Dr. Steward nodded and left the room. N still held Jamal hand. We had to work a lot of work. But as a family. Speaking family, I had a child, you need found. IKei owned an apology, a big one. continued [ Write a message to Michael Martell wyzman34 aol. com. Check also: brotherslikeus_brother2brother yahoogroups. com
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